About the Artist

Amity de Fontaine was born in Mountain View, California and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from The University of California in Santa Barbara. A lifelong horse lover, Amity began her professional equine art career while pursuing a degree in art. She has traveled extensively throughout the United States, Europe, Canada and Central America studying the connection between people and horses.

Amity portrays the horse as a dynamic, emotional, spiritual and physical presence. With a style that blends impressionism and realism, Amity is constantly exploring new compositions in the endlessly inspiring world of horses. She has a unique approach that portrays the horse as an art form, rather than simply as a portrait. Amity's artwork appeals not only to those who are familiar with horses, but also to anyone who has ever marveled at their majestic presence. "I feel as though I have a spiritual connection with the horse. Their truth and beauty is an endless inspiration for me. I can document their emotions as they merge with mine in the interim from paintbrush to paper."

Amity exhibits her originals and limited edition prints both in special and private showings, and at various galleries. She has taught animal drawing with a focus on horses at the San Jose Art Academy in San Jose, CA and the Taos Art School in Taos, NM.

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